About the Company

AspiringMarilyn Creative works to help those established businesses expand into the online market & develop their social identity through content development. We do this through web design, photography and social media marketing.

While it started as a creative outlet for travel and an exotic lifestyle; Now, it is an expanding platform for passionate people to share and market their brand. I have begun to delve into the vast community of business development and work on helping others develop their own content into social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and MORE! While this site contains my own content, it is also an example of what I could do for you as a client, and acts as my portfolio. From designing websites, to connecting your media platforms with consumers, to marketing a product, I can give you the tools to successfully develop your own online identity or maintain it myself.

While, for the moment, I am based in Toronto Canada, I have had the opportunity to travel, and learn about an array of market interests and successful business identities in online communities. In discussing with locals about brand and product expansion, it became pretty clear that a lot of business owners are struggling with the transition from analogue to digital. This is where I can help. I have always looked for one central outlet where I can pool all of the knowledge and experience and hopefully, inspire somebody else to do the same.

About the Creator

I am a University of Toronto Graduate specializing in Media Studies and Human Geography. I am certified in Digital Marketing, Media Analytics & Instagram Marketing. After growing up in the United Arab Emirates for almost 12 years, I moved to Toronto to complete my post-graduate education. I began to discover how driven and committed I was too creating and enhancing things that I love, and with that came content development. I love writing and I love photography, but none of what I produce in my free time had a use. I didn’t have a product. I learned that I had information which I could hone and practice, and begin to provide a service for those who did have a business or product.

I feel the best way to get to know someone, and their brand is to ask questions, interact, and let the work speak for itself.